Message from your son


"Let me introduce myself. My name is Chris. You should already know my mother. Right? If not, what are you waiting for? Read the story behind Bolsas bags quickly. My storymy mother would say. Because she is the woman who is behind all the beautiful bags that you can admire on this website. They are all gifts.”

Speaking of presents... Here's my present for you. I'm proud of you mom, and I think it's great that I could, and was allowed to make this website for you. You've earned it. Because you have developed and proven yourself as a bag designer over the past two years. The bags you see here are living proof of your growth. So that this website may contribute to that growth!

Proud of my mother

So much for my message to my mother. Back to you, the reader and visitor of this website. Welcome! I hope you too will enjoy all the beautiful, unique bags that you can admire here. Let yourself be carried away and dare to dream about your own unique bag. And who knows... you will soon meet my mother yourself to brainstorm with her about your own handmade bag.

Oh yeah - one more thing...

If you are still missing something on this website, or if you come across things that you think or think could be better and/or tighter? Let me know! I welcome your feedback. You can leave a message by sending an email to

Do you absolutely love what you see here, and do you also want a fully functional, automated and dynamic website that you can keep up to date super easy? Then just send me a message. My contact details are below. For now I want to wish you a lot of fun on this website. Enjoy!

Chris Prins, 2022 -

06 - 588 20 905

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hey Chris, slim om dit erbij te zetten joh!! Gewoon ook reclame voor jezelf
En ik vind dit een superlieve post!!

Dineke Prins

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