Tribute to Monique

Tribute Monique

As a bag maker I push the boundaries. I get inspiration from new fabrics, new materials, new colours. Well, everything actually. Marcel Prins the artist and not my husband posted a competition link on my Facebook. There was a bag competition for leather bags with Hester van Eeghen in the jury. “Make a royal bag”. And there went my fantasy. Everyone would make a bag for Maxima of course. Then why not me for the future Queen Amalia?

I hadn't worked with leather much before. But leather is also just fabric or material. After all, how difficult can it be. And the world is for the naive people, right? So a beautiful leather bag made just like you would make a fabric bag. My chances? Well, I wouldn't win, but I would definitely win the… prize. I mean, what I make is beautiful and good.

A really exciting journey. You had to make a presentation, you had to make videos of the “learning” process and explain why you had made this bag. And then of course the leather itself. Damn that's kinda hard.

The day came and we were invited to The Hague. All bags would be presented there. We go there, really exciting, stomachache and not sleeping of course.

But tomorrow.....

When we entered the chic museum, I was already getting smaller. In large letters it read “Bag Contest for Experienced Leather Workers”. Upon entering, Hester saw me immediately and changed color and rushed towards me. “Oh what a beautiful bag you had!” but you had last year's theme! oops!!! Dom, I went straight to work and made my bag. But you enter a competition for your own process and to push your limits.

So experienced leather workers. Okay, wow leather crafting is a craft, a craft. And those people who participated were good! Really beautiful what they had made. And very nice conversations and passionate professionals. Omboek, Soufflee, shag… the technical terms flew through the air. And I enjoyed. And that's how I got into conversation with Monique. She had made a beautiful design and executed it in fish leather. She had also completed all the training and is a real professional and we immediately clicked.

That training of hers, I wanted that too! What a world opened up for me. Registered for the training in Arnhem, but C threw a spanner in the works. No training took place and what now? Wait a minute, maybe Monique would like to give some masterclasses?

First waited a week of course, but then the naughty shoes and called. Monique was immediately enthusiastic and I was able to visit Beuningen. We spent an afternoon where I got all kinds of tips about tools and materials that you need. It was not only very educational but also very enjoyable. So I was able to get started...

But I wanted more. In the end, I have now followed a full day Masterclass with Monique twice and learned different techniques from her. The first time I learned from her how to make a brace bag / doctor's bag and the second time the technique how to make a channel brace bag. And as a result of the last workshop I made this bag.

Experienced leather worker? Leather has its own dynamics and techniques. Monique is not only a great bag maker but we also had a great time. I am a FAN of her! Thanks to her, I got a big push in the back. I haven't finished learning yet, but that's why this bag "Ode to Monique".

Well, it's going to be something!

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Wow, wat leuk een ode aan mij! Dank je wel. En he je bent een hele goede leerling!

"De" Monique

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