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Custom made | By Bolsas

The Dynamic Owl

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Beautiful leather men's bag made of strong, durable leather. Specially designed for the rougher raw workers on this earth. This bag owes its name to the unique emblem of the owl in combination with a very dynamic deployability. The bag can also be carried as a backpack in addition to a shoulder, hand or laptop bag. So spread your wings and mysteriously fly into the wide world as a dynamic, free owl.

Op deze foto zie je een prachtig en stoer embleem van een uil. Ook je eigen attributen toevoegen aan je tas? Bij Bolsas tassen is het mogelijk, doe eens gek en doe een aanvraag.

P.S. The cool emblem of the owl is an attribute that has been incorporated into this bag at the request of the person. Do you also have an emblem or symbol that has (an emotional) meaning for you - and that you would like to see in your bag? Let me know. It is possible as you can see.