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Oldskool Bolsas tas | rare maturation piece

Learning Plus Puzzle

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Learning Plus Puzzle Dimensions and details
Length 28 cm
Width 10 cm
Height 22 cm

This old gold gets its name from the fabric pattern full of puzzle pieces in the shape of a plus. The playful pattern in combination with leather makes the leather bag + Plusjes a briefcase that many people can still add a plus to...

Pfffft; coming up with a small story + matching the picture for every bag is also quite an art. You're not making it up - or I'll shake it off again. He who observes closely will see the building blocks in this bag. What do you put in it? Make sure it contains the stuff with which you will build something beautiful. A chic classic example of a neat small and subtle briefcase. The sleekly finished design deserves several pluses. Greetings from the son of Dineke (Chris) to give you some more nonsensical text.