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Oldskool Bolsas tas | rare maturation piece

Severe Warrior

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A fierce warrior? You can say yes. Any idea why? Take a good look at the photo below. Do you also notice something? Take your time...

Snoeiharde strijder? Klopt. En dat is omdat deze tas gemaakt is van de bannerstof op deze foto. Niet kapot te krijgen.

Are you here again?! And? Did you see it? The banner on the wall yes. Banner fabric. Sturdy water-repellent material that cannot be bitten, pounded or cut... Just say Prune hard. On the banner you see the "greatest" warrior in Frisian history called Grutte Pier. This bag deserves the name Pruning Warrior so doubly. This bag is therefore a great travel companion for the man or woman known as rausdouwer. A go-getter. A warrior!

Severe Warrior Dimensions and details
Length 24 cm
Width 12 cm
Height 45 cm