New bag arrival

"Last weekend Sander and Lida, our son and daughter-in-law, visited us in Burdaard for a weekend. Lida had brought some bags from her great-aunt that she no longer used. Whether I was interested in that? Yes! see if I can reuse some of that..."

Nieuwe tas online blogpost

We are rich?!

Fake! Fake! fake! :(

We thought we were very rich for a moment, because it seemed as if there were capital bags in between. Unfortunately we soon discovered that they were fakes, so "original copies". But it also came with a great vintage bag. A real Areitio bag, and very antique too! The bag would fit in the (unfortunately bankrupt) bag museum "Hendrikje" in Amsterdam.

But then I got an idea...! What if I give this bag a completely new look? Well, I did. It inspired me to make a bag of beautiful Italian croco leather. A “New born Areitio" by Bolsas bags... And the result?

The end result of the bag in the new jacket can be found here, or click on the big red button!