New bag arrival

The New Born Bag

"Last weekend Sander and Lida, our son and daughter-in-law, came to visit us in Burdaard for a weekend. Lida had brought some bags from her great-aunt that she no longer used. Whether I was interested in that? Yes! Always nice to see if I can reuse some of that..."

We are rich!?

Lida had brought a large shopper full of bags, what a feast it was to unpack! And for a moment we thought we were rich because...

Are there capital bags among them?! A Coco Chanel, a Prada, a...

Fake! Fake! fake :(

We thought we were very rich for a moment, because it seemed as if there were capital bags in between. Unfortunately we soon discovered that they were fakes, so "original copies". But it also came with a great vintage bag. A real Areitio bag, and very antique too! The bag would fit in the (unfortunately bankrupt) bag museum "Hendrikje" in Amsterdam.

But then I got an idea!

But then I got an idea...! What if I give this bag a completely new look? Well, I did. It inspired me to make a bag of beautiful Italian croco leather. A “New born Areitio" by Bolsas bags... And the result?

The end result of the bag in the new jacket can be found here, or click on the big green button to view this "New Born"!

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