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You have probably already seen a lot of bags passing by here. Some bags make your heart beat faster. Other bags do little or nothing for you. Or better yet, and this, of course, remains between us; some bags you may not even like. But you know? That's okay too. Because only one thing counts when applying for your bag. The finding of your perfect bag!

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How does it work?

Maybe you are already secretly daydreaming and imagining what your unique, perfect bag would look like. But at the same time, you also ask yourself... Applying for a Bolsas bag, how does that actually work? After this page, you will have answers to all your questions.

I have made bags for musicians, business travelers, cyclists, folding cyclists, violinists, artists and photographers. You can not imagine that they had their own wishes. You probably have that too. Dare to ask! Request a Bolsas bag it's super simple by the way these five questions. You can answer them completely without obligation. I ask these questions to all my clients. There is something fun about these questions. They ensure that you form a picture in your head of your Bolsas bag. And that's a good starting point to get started.

Why a custom bag?

Do you have special hobbies or things? Stuff that you can never really take with you, so to speak... The stuff that always makes you clumsy and cram with two bags... That kind of stuff. Do you happen to have that too? Or are you more of the incorrigible "I've lost my phone again" type? Thanks to a handy bag layout, you never have to search again. Save yourself that time and especially the stress from now on. That makes us old quickly, and nobody likes that, right? Be honest...

Does your specific hobby, work or lifestyle require a specially designed bag?

Sometimes you just have a hobby or certain (sometimes forced) lifestyle that makes it difficult for you to travel properly without having to take too many bags with you. Your stuff then asks for a specific design. Below I will take you along and show you what I mean by that. The bags below are made with a specific purpose in mind and formed a nice "design" challenge. Read with me about...

The Camera Dynamics bag

The Camera Dynamica is an example of such a tailor-made bag. Together we looked at a good layout for her camera. Above all, the band had to be strong, wide and adjustable. Professional camera bodies and lenses are heavy.

The bag is made of leather from an old chair. The chair was worn, but the photographer's husband loved it so much. The leather was still usable. She had a precious photo of her daughter of her baby shoes together with her pumps. We have this photo printed on canvas. This resulted in a very personal design.

A beautiful accent on the outside and a very special lining for the inside. This bag is often used and is an emotional Bolsas meisterstück because the practical and personal come together so beautifully in this bag.

On to the next example...

The Medical Miracle

The question was a large backpack for a CPAP machine. This lady wanted a backpack for her device, toiletries and some clothes for weekends on the road. Such a bag does not exist. So I made some prototypes and tested them with the customer. A transverse model fell off. After a lot of sketching and consultation, this has become the bag. Nice to make her happy with this colorful bag.

This is Dje YamBay

Just take it with you...


Sander was looking for a strong bag to transport a "tree trunk". Because such a djembee is quite heavy. Did I know anything for him? Together we searched for a strong, waterproof material that also looks nice. I received a banner from Bonefatius from Museum Dokkum. How nice is it to have Bonefatius travel along as a patron saint with a Frisian musician with an African instrument? In addition to a utility object, a (hidden) spiritual meaning is added. The bag is double with a large zipper at the top and straps that can be used both single and double. And of course an extra compartment for some loose items that you want to take with you.

You have now seen how many possibilities there are. Perhaps you had already given up hope of ever moving through life in style, pleasure and ease. Don't make it difficult for yourself any longer but take it Contact on.

“Begin with the end in mind” is based on the principle that all things are created twice. There's a mental or first creation, and a physical or second creation to all things.

Are you ready to brainstorm about your own practical and stylish custom bag?

Op deze foto ben ik bezig om een tas uit te meten en in elkaar te zetten in mijn Bolsas atelier

We go through all the elements of your dream bag together!

Request a no-obligation request for the options for your bag.

We do this on the basis of 5 simple questions. Filling in is done in 2 minutes. Send your wishes, and you will receive a personal message from me within 24 hours. I'll let you know what options there are to give you the custom bag you are still dreaming of!

1. What kind of bag would you like?

2. Which materials would you like to see in your bag?

3. Do you have a specific color combination in mind?

4. Do you have specific wishes for the layout of your bag?

5. Do you have any wishes, suggestions or burning questions?

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