My story

Striving for perfection

My name is Dinka. I am the designer and founder of Bolsas bags. I design unique bags on request and on commission. Each bag is made with love only once. I can also make your bag to measure and completely according to your wishes. Both for women and for men. At Bolsas I still honor the ancient craft of building bags. In my studio design, art, and traveling in style, interweave into your perfect bag. A bag that will be your faithful travel companion for a long time to come. You can read my story here.

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Bolsas designs fully customized bags

Bolsas-bags designs custom handmade leather bags and on commission. Each bag is made with love only once. The bags are durable, self-designed, and true works of art in themselves. I strive to deliver every bag perfectly to the wishes of my customer.

Designing your perfect bag

The perfect bag can only be created together with you. Everyone has their own unique wishes, work necessities, hobbies and things that they want to take with them on a daily basis.

"When I design bags I forget the time."

Like everyone else, I sometimes get stuck. You may recognize that. Putting a unique bag on the shelves every week is quite a challenge. After a hard day's work I sometimes don't know how to proceed. Back in the day, when I had just started designing - I used to worry that I wouldn't be able to finish the bag. At least not to a masterpiece.

Experience teaches me that I can rely on my ability to create what I have in mind. I often wake up in the middle of the night with a good idea. And I know I can trust my intuition. Yes! I think I have found the solution!

What if I...

Thinking, dreaming - further designing

When I get up in the morning I can't wait to get to work. To make a bag as perfect as possible, I always have to be careful. Before you know it, the stitching is skewed. So from rest and concentration I will work out my nighttime inspiration.

At the end of the ride I look over my shoulder again and am proud every time I admire the end result. I like the reaction of my customers, my biggest and living source of advertising, even more.

"I never expected this!"

Me neither," I often shout. It's almost a little mystery and a miracle how each unique bag comes to life.

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Your Life - Your Journey - Your Bag

Everyone lives their own life. Everyone has different hobbies, activities and activities. A unique bag fits your unique lifestyle. A bag that seamlessly matches your dreams. I am inspired by events.

My inspiration

For example, I went to the exhibition in the Fries Museum by Escher. His stunning continuous patterns have inspired an Escher Bolsas bag range. Of course we had to go back one more time to photograph the bag along with his art. Unfortunately, we then found out that it was not allowed to take pictures of his artworks.

My method

Shall I tell you something? I secretly dislike some aspects of this society. I am mainly referring to the disposable culture. Fortunately, more and more appreciation is returning for traditional products that are sustainably and with care.

Each handmade bag is lovingly built from the best, most sustainable materials that I can lay my hands on.

"My biggest compliment is a worn-in used bag."

I always look for sustainable, natural strong materials. I work with vegetable tanned leathers, vintage leather, upholstery fabrics and event banners. By using these strong wear-resistant materials, the bag becomes more and more beautiful in use.

My great passion and talent is to combine different types of leather and colours. Designing the bag together with you that you love is a dynamic process that makes me happy. When we're out, I actually want to start right away and put my existing project aside. Because I can already see the bag in front of me.

I am always looking to push boundaries. In the past I have worked with various artists and incorporated their signed works into my bags. I call my bags works of art because there is only one copy of each bag. Every bag is unique.

The bag comes with a repair service. As long as I can fix the bag, I'll fix it for you. You and your bag are my most important business card!

So... Are you ready for your own unique bag? Tired of not finding your keys? Does that "organized chaos" drive you crazy where you can't find anything? Or are you tired of having to cram because it never fits? Then just contact me. I love being inspired by your ideas and wishes. That's what I do it for after all.

You choose the shape, color and layout of your bag yourself. The addition of emblems, logos, slogans or jewelry that have (emotional) value for you can also be added to your bag. This way you get an exclusive bag that suits you exactly and that you like to carry with you. For the rest of your life. Amazing, right? Let me know what I can make for you! I like to think along with you.